So, what exactly is Orbital Simulations? It is a collection of individuals each striving for the same goal: the realistic simulation of spaceflight. There are many different sub-projects among the group, simulators for project Mercury, Apollo, and the Space Shuttle just to name a few. But in the end we are all working to make the most realistic space simming experience we can.

So what is there to see on the website? To start with there are pages for each of the projects, so you can take a look at what people are building, and get ideas for your own simulator.

The Downloads area contains the software code and models used in our simulators, including the Orbiter addons we have developed for our use.

Under Resources you will find as much reference data as we can bring to one place, on everything from the spacecraft themselves to the display systems to code, anything and everything related to spacecraft simulation.

Join Us contains all the information you need to get on the Orbital Simulations email list, join our sourceforge project, and get your space sim project listed on the webpage.

And finally Links, which contains links to many websites that are especially helpful or interesting.

So, take your time, browse the site, and enjoy!